Pet Kneads
Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.
— Anatole France

Krisha Frodsham is the founder and owner of Pet Kneads Animal Massage Therapy.   A graduate of Northwest School of Animal Massage as a Certified Small Animal Massage Practitioner, and nationally certified through NBCAAM, Krisha focuses on Rehabilitative and Maintenance Massage.  Using Swedish massage techniques, manual lymphatic drainage, T Touch, trigger point work, and more, she takes a gentle and holistic approach to maintain your pet's optimum level of health, as well as assist your pet recover from surgeries or injuries through rehabilitative massage efforts.  Along with regular veterinary visits, massage is an important step in a preventative care program.

Krisha and her husband have spent the last twelve years living in and exploring different parts of the Pacific Northwest, including Portland, Hillsboro, and Sisters, Oregon.  In 2011, they adopted Roxie, a now senior Labrador Mix, from the Oregon Humane Society, and since then she has been by their side during most of their outdoor adventures.   They currently live in Vancouver, Washington.    

The Inspiration for Pet Kneads

 "When I met Roxie at the Humane Society, she was hiding under the desk of the behavior therapist's office.  Roxie had just arrived at the shelter, and was so overwhelmed, the therapist had decided to let her hide out for a while.  I just sat on the floor and waited for about twenty minutes for Roxie to cautiously inch her way towards me.  When we finally made a connection, I knew we were meant for one another.  Helping Roxie navigate life with her anxiety was what inspired me to start Pet Kneads.  To be able to gain her trust, and have her allow me to communicate with her, and help ease her stresses through massage is a very humbling experience."


Krisha, with her husband, Greg, and their dog, Roxie

Krisha, with her husband, Greg, and their dog, Roxie

Roxie: Krisha's main inspiration for Pet Kneads

Roxie: Krisha's main inspiration for Pet Kneads