Pet Kneads



Maintenance Massage

Consultation Appointment $35

Massage Session (1 Dog)  $50

Massage Session (2 Dogs)  $85

5-Pack Massage (1 Dog)  $220

10-Pack Massage (1 Dog)  $400

5-Pack Massage (2 Dogs)  $370

Massage Session (Cat)  $35

Massage Session (Two Cats)  $50

5-Pack (1 Cat)  $155

New Clients - 30% off your first booked appointment*

A typical massage session lasts between 45 to 60 minutes (25 to 40 for cats).  We don't use a strict timer, so each session lasts as long as necessary in order to meet the needs of each pet for that specific session.

* Discount for first massage appointment is for a single session purchase only (one or two pets).  Discount does not apply to consultation appointment or a package purchase.